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Southern Migrant and Refugee Centre


Southern Migrant and Refugee Centre (SMRC) a not-for-profit community based agency, in operation since 1993. SMRC provides services to migrants and refugees living in the southern region of Melbourne, covering the local government areas of City of Greater Dandenong, City of Casey and Shire of Cardinia and surrounding areas.

It consults regularly with the community to learn about their various client needs and issues. It provides support, information and consultation to committees, groups and meetings at local, regional, State and Commonwealth levels. SMRC provides support and assistance to new and emerging community groups and it assists them with office accommodation and the use of its facilities. It works within the framework of a 3-year Strategic Plan. SMRC is an accredited ISO: 9001 quality assured organisation, with 61 office-based staff, full-time and part-time, 95 bilingual personal workers, and 100 volunteers.

Contact SMRC:

39 Clow St Dandenong VIC

p: 03 9767 1900