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Diaspora Action Australia

MEMBERSHIP: Associate Member

Diaspora Action Australia (DAA)’s vision is to contribute effectively to peace, development, humanitarian response and human rights in Australia and abroad. It works with diaporas in Australia through supporting diaspora initiatives, providing resources, information and training, facilitating dialogue and shared learning, building networks, and amplifying diapora voices at local, national and international levels.

DAA provides capacity building, mentoring and community identified issue based and responsive partnership projects to support the successful settlement of new and emerging communities. The Diaspora Learning Network brings new and established communities together to share learnings, develop joint initiatives and provide mentoring by established communities to recently arrived communities. DAA also provides support to new and emerging communities wishing to establish community organisations and advocacy structures.

DAA currently works with South Sudanese, Hazara, Tamil, Burmese, Rohingya, Oromio, Sri Lankan, Afghani and Pacifica communities.


Contact DAA:

Level 6, 20 Otter St, Collingwood Melbourne, VIC 3066

p: 0447 235 425