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Certificate II in Engineering Studies Pilot Program – Loddon Campaspe Multicultural Services

Made by Many Hands – Migrant Women in Business

Work and Welcome – Multicultural Australia

Multicultural Enterprise Development Project – Metropolitan Migrant Resource Centre

Loddon Campaspe Multicultural Services: Friday Food Safari

Work & Welcome

Aged Care Courses

Over three successive years, the Migrant Information Centre (MIC) facilitated aged care courses in partnership with a local Registered Training Organisation, North Ringwood Community House. This course was chosen to meet both a skills shortage in the aged care sector and a high level of interest from clients, particularly newly arrived women from Burma.

Job Ready

The Job Ready program provides a pathway for migrants and refugees to obtain jobs or pursue training suited to their existing qualifications and work experience.

Career Pathways Pilot

The Career Pathways Pilot for Humanitarian Entrants (CPP) assists refugees with professional, trade skills and/or qualification to requalify in Australia or to find jobs that match their skills set.

Stories of achieving new Australians

Threads Project

The Common Threads Project promotes individuals from diverse cultural backgrounds to develop, share and extend skills within various textile fields by offering weekly group sessions.

Business Connect Multiculturalism

Starting an Enterprise

Mount Gambier MRC has been supporting Congolese artist and sculptor Sadiki Kamundele In various ways towards staring an enterprise through connecting Sidiki with various Australians, artists and organisations to enable him to volunteer as an artist, learn new skills and learn how to start a business.

The Mulberry Project

The Mulberry Project is a pilot social enterprise operating as a volunteer-run community group with 35 volunteers (66% women) from countries including the Democratic Republic of Congo, South Sudan, Rwanda, Syria and Australia. We are in the process of establishing our business structure in association with partners.

Kaleidoscope Initiative

About Kaleidoscope Initiative The City of Stirling’s Kaleidoscope Initiative (KI) project aims to harness the economic benefits of its diverse cultural population by helping newcomers to secure employment in their field of expertise and supporting employers to benefit from this diverse workforce.  This project has been developed in partnership with Toronto Region Immigrant Employment Council (TRIEC) and funded by Office of Multicultural Interests, Government of Western Australia through its ‘Local Projects, Local Jobs’ Program. In its first phase, the initiative intends to develop bring the stakeholders together through
  1. Employer Partnership Program
  2. Professional Immigrant Association(s) partner network, and
  3. Developing an online resource hub for newcomers to enhance their capabilities.
The second phase of the project would include the development of a mentoring program to match skilled newcomers with mentors in their chosen field. Through its Employer Partnership Program (EPP), the Initiative is looking to develop a network of Employers who are looking to benefit from the diverse and multicultural demographic asset.  For this, the initiative would provide the employers with tools, information and resources so that they can
  1. Build stronger, more diverse teams
  2. Enhance their leadership training for high-potential staff members
  3. Help their staff gain coaching experience both within and outside their organisation
  4. Find new and diverse sources of talent at a lower cost
  5. Achieve their community engagement and diversity & inclusion objectives
  6. Build their brand as a responsible corporate citizen
Through working with existing and new professional immigrant associations, the Initiative is looking to develop a network of such associations called Kaleidoscope Initiative Network (KIN) which would collaboratively work towards helping members secure employment in their chosen field.  Through this network, the associations can:
  1. Build their association’s profile among newcomers, employers and key stakeholders
  2. Access tools, information and training resources on job seeking, resume writing, Australian workplace culture, interview pitfalls, etc.
  3. Access resources to help run their association and support their members
  4. Participate in networking and other events that can help their members become job-ready and connect with potential employers
  5. Be a part of a growing community of leaders and partners to further develop their leadership skills, sharing learnings and benefit from the expertise of others
  6. Represent their association and serve as an expert on immigrant employment at policy consultations and in the media
  7. Advertise their organisation and event on Kaleidoscope Initiative’s website.
The Initiative also looks forward to working with newcomers to enhance their job-readiness capabilities and skills through providing them with
  1. Access to online hub of resources, information and business support services,
  2. Networking opportunities to connect with professional immigrant associations from their professional, cultural or linguistic background
  3. Networking opportunities with potential employers through jointly-held events, and
  4. Opportunity to participate in a Pilot Mentoring Program later in 2018 where they would be matched with a professional in their chosen field and possibly from their own cultural and/or linguistic background.

Stories of Making Australia Home

SCoA member, Sydwest Multicultural Services has created an inspiring book which shares the stories of some of Australia's newest citizens. Exploring themes of employment, education, health, social engagement, family and many more, this collection of stories is a message of hope and a celebration of all that Australia stands to gain by welcoming refugees and helping them settle.

See the report here.

Work & Welcome

Work and Welcome offers new arrivals short-term work at a school or business, providing valuable work experience in a supportive Australian workplace. The program draws on the generosity of companies, their employees, community groups and individuals to pool together money to fund 12 week job placements for newcomers to Queensland. Both new arrivals and employers benefit from this program as job placements give people a foot in the door and employers benefit with access to the unique skills and experience new arrivals have to offer.

The Spice Exchange

The Spice Exchange promotes multiculturalism in Australia whilst providing skill sets and work experience for migrant and refugee women. The Spice Exchange is a social enterprise initiative that utilises the culinary skills and traditions of refugee and migrant women to produce unique spice blends and condiments. The profit generated through The Spice Exchange is invested directly back into the program.

Working Beyond Boundaries

Working Beyond Boundaries helps refugees gain employment and language skills while connecting with their local community. Initially a group of volunteers from the Karen community helped to transform a dormant community garden in Weribee into a thriving kitchen, full of vegetables and herbs. The program provides work experience as well as fruit and veggies to the group of volunteers. The volunteer program has now expanded to other communities and the gardens have never been so fruitful!

Multicultural Small Business Program

Multicultural Small Business Program is a unique cross-sectoral partnership in Newcastle, NSW, that provides refugees and migrants with the basics about how to start up and run a small business. It is a free 10 week course delivered in English and in Arabic. The program covers business practices, cultural customs, rules and regulations.