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Education and Training

National Education Roundtable Briefing Paper Education and students from refugee and migrant backgrounds: Briefing Paper

The National Education Roundtable - Briefing Paper provides an overview of the barriers to equitable access and engagement in primary and secondary education experienced by students from refugee and migrant backgrounds in Australia. It also highlights how COVID-19 has exacerbated these barriers. Click here to read.

MYAN: How can the AMEP better support English language learning for young people? Discussion Paper

MYAN has prepared this discussion paper to highlight the benefits of a youth focussed approach to English language classes, and provide guidance on how this can be achieved in order to strengthen the responsiveness of AMEP to the youth cohort. While this paper has been prepared in the context of a number of reports assessing the effectiveness of the AMEP, none has given any focused attention to the youth cohort. This paper presents findings from consultations with AMEP providers and other sector representatives held in late 2019 and 2020, and more recently through regular online meetings in response to COVID-19. It includes examples of good practice in the Appendix, and a set of recommendations MYAN prepared for government as they consider the future direction of the program.

Centre for Policy Development: Putting Language In Place: Improving the Adult Migrant English Program

Around the World, More Say Immigrants Are a Strength Than a Burden

Majorities of public in top migrant destination countries say immigrants strengthen their countries, according to a 2018 Pew Research Center survey of 18 countries that host half of the world’s migrants. To access the full report click here.  

Victorian Inclusion Agency – Resources

SCoA Policy Focus – Education

As one of the nine key priority areas in the National Settlement Services Outcomes Standards, we view Education as an area of paramount importance in migrant's settlement journeys. This work highlights the importance of education as a settlement outcome and identifies the different approaches across the country to ensuring education needs are met. Building on this research we have identified areas in need of further exploration with a view to developing a comprehensive policy approach that will help to improve outcomes. We welcome input from our members and other interested parties, and invite you to contact our National Office on 02 6282 8515 or if you have any thoughts or insights. Read the initial report here.

Building a New Life in Australia: 27 November 2017

Stories of Making Australia Home

SCoA member, Sydwest Multicultural Services has created an inspiring book which shares the stories of some of Australia's newest citizens. Exploring themes of employment, education, health, social engagement, family and many more, this collection of stories is a message of hope and a celebration of all that Australia stands to gain by welcoming refugees and helping them settle.

See the report here.

Empowering Migrant and Refugee Women

This report explores various aspects of service delivery to migrant women who have been living in Australia for at least five years. It documents the nature and types of service available, and identifies best practice principles and key service gaps in service delivery for migrant and refugee women. This report also outlines key priorities for addressing these service gaps.

View the report here.

NSW Settlement Partnership – In Focus

The New South Wales Settlement Partnership In Focus Publication The NSW Settlement Partnership recently launched the report "In Focus" an overview of the Partnership and its amazing work across New South Wales. To access the report and read about some of the work of the NSP, click here.

Beginning a Life in Australia

The Department of Social Services (DSS) has prepared a comprehensive information booklet detailing key information for those building their lives in Australia. The booklet provides helpful settlement information, including links to other resources, for people who have recently come to Australia and people who are helping them. Available on the DSS website in over 20 languages, the book is of great value and highly recommended.

Building a new life in Australia


The Building a New Life in Australia project is a longitudinal study of refugees in Australia and maps their experiences over a series of years. This study is being undertaken by the Australian Institute of Family Studies, with information collected by Colmar Brunton Social Research. The project is commissioned and funded by the Department of Social Services.

Building a New Life in Australia aims to identify factors that impact the settlement of humanitarian migrants in Australia, in the hope that it will help improve policy development and program delivery for Australia's settlement sector.

In 2017, the AIFS will be releasing its first comprehensive release of the study's findings.

For more information, visit the project, here.