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Stories of Making Australia Home

SCoA member, Sydwest Multicultural Services has created an inspiring book which shares the stories of some of Australia's newest citizens. Exploring themes of employment, education, health, social engagement, family and many more, this collection of stories is a message of hope and a celebration of all that Australia stands to gain by welcoming refugees and helping them settle.

See the report here.

Work & Welcome

Work and Welcome offers new arrivals short-term work at a school or business, providing valuable work experience in a supportive Australian workplace. The program draws on the generosity of companies, their employees, community groups and individuals to pool together money to fund 12 week job placements for newcomers to Queensland. Both new arrivals and employers benefit from this program as job placements give people a foot in the door and employers benefit with access to the unique skills and experience new arrivals have to offer.

Working Beyond Boundaries

Working Beyond Boundaries helps refugees gain employment and language skills while connecting with their local community. Initially a group of volunteers from the Karen community helped to transform a dormant community garden in Weribee into a thriving kitchen, full of vegetables and herbs. The program provides work experience as well as fruit and veggies to the group of volunteers. The volunteer program has now expanded to other communities and the gardens have never been so fruitful!

The Spice Exchange

The Spice Exchange promotes multiculturalism in Australia whilst providing skill sets and work experience for migrant and refugee women. The Spice Exchange is a social enterprise initiative that utilises the culinary skills and traditions of refugee and migrant women to produce unique spice blends and condiments. The profit generated through The Spice Exchange is invested directly back into the program.

Multicultural Small Business Program

Multicultural Small Business Program is a unique cross-sectoral partnership in Newcastle, NSW, that provides refugees and migrants with the basics about how to start up and run a small business. It is a free 10 week course delivered in English and in Arabic. The program covers business practices, cultural customs, rules and regulations.


Ignite Small Business Start-ups facilitates business creation for people from refugee backgrounds who are keen to establish or expand a small business facilitates business creation for people from refugee backgrounds who are keen to establish or expand a small business. Many recently arrived refugees face significant barriers to employment in Australia, in particular during the early stages of their settlement. The Ignite program is a viable alternative route to sustainable employment for new arrivals. Entrepreneurs are helped to overcome the challenges of starting a small business, and create income for themselves, their family and potentially, over time, employment for others.

Family Day Care Village

Family Day Care Village Program Program empowers women from a refugee or migrant backgrounds to train for and own their own business while also accessing affordable housing. Newly arrived women face difficulties in accessing appropriate employment due to their family committments. This family day care program provides women with the skills and knowledge to develop their own family day care business which allows them to care for their own young children at the same time. Not only this, but the program provides them with a space to run their business as well as subsidised housing. The program has opened doors for many refugee and migrant women leading to sustainable employment.

Dress for Work

Dress For Work is a free service that provides professional business attire to men who are unable to afford quality clothing. Having access to appropriate clothing helps people looking for work to make a good first impression for important appointments and job interviews.

Given the Chance

Given the Chance assists marginalised job-seekers to find and sustain work in Australia. It is an initiative of the Brotherhood of St Laurence and supports local employers to grow and diversify their workforce, and foster social inclusion in workplace communities.

Steps to Work Pilot Program

The Multicultural Council of the Northern Territory (MCNT) developed and coordinated the Steps to Work pilot program opportunity in an effort to provide new arrivals with access to job readiness training.