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National Settlement Services Outcomes Standards


The Settlement Council of Australia's (SCOA) launched the National Settlement Services Outcomes Standards (the standards) at its International Settlement Conference in May 2016!

The standards aim to streamline settlement professionals’ work standards and develop a set of Best Practice Benchmarks that reflect the quality of work undertaken in providing settlement support. These standards will ensure humanitarian entrants and migrants across Australia receive high quality client-centred services leading to successful settlement outcomes.   

National Settlement Services Outcomes Standards


Project timeline:

  • Extensive consultation and research undertaken by SCOA over a number of years, including a presentation and discussion at the SCOA National Settlement Conference in 2012.  

  • In 2014 a Steering Committee was formed to oversee the final stages of the project. 

  • In 2015 a series of national workshops on the standards’ principles, content and prospective structure were held with members and stakeholders.  

  • MyriaD Consultants were chosen to develop the final stages of the project and formalise the documentation of the National Settlement Services Outcomes Standards.

  • In May 2015 the Project Steering Committee signed off on the standards and a report on their development prepared by MyriaD Consultants.

  • SCOA welcomed feedback on the standards and report.

  • A teleconference was held with SCOA members in July to discuss the standards and report to provide an opportunity to gain a deeper understanding of their development.

  • In May 2015 the standards were launched at the SCOA International Settlement Conference 2016.

  • SCOA received additional grant money from the Department of Social Services to implement the standards.

  • An implementation strategy including national workshops in metropolitan and regional areas is being developed and will be rolled out from 2016-17.

Further reading:
Report on the development of the Standards – May 2015