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Jamila Ahmadi

Jamila Ahmadi graduated from the University of Adelaide with a Bachelor of International Studies and Bachelor of Development Studies in 2015. Jamila is currently undertaking Masters of International Relations at the Australian National University. Jamila comes from an Afghan background, having lived in other countries before her arrival to Australia as a refugee in 2001; she speaks fluent Dari, Hazaragi and Farsi.

Prior to joining SCOA, Jamila was a Case Manager at Scope Global. Scope Global is a specialist project management company delivering international development and international education programs throughout Australia, Asia and the Pacific. After graduating from University in 2015, Jamila undertook an internship at the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees Canberra in the Public Information Department.

Jamila has always been closely involved with the Afghan community in Adelaide, volunteering for her community. Jamila was elected as the President for The Association of Australian Tertiary Students from Afghanistan (AATSA) which aims to encourage student from an Afghan background to better understand higher education and be informed about the structure and functions of University Studies.  Jamila has also volunteered her time in NGOs such as Multicultural Youth SA and Australia Refugee Association in South Australia.

As a newby to Canberra, Jamila enjoys discovering other great things Canberra has to offer and driving across the border to the NSW Coast.

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