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Neha Prakash

Neha Prakash recently graduated from the Australian National University with a master’s degree in International Relations, where her research focused on human rights and human security. Prior to this, she pursued law with an aim to identify existing vulnerabilities in society and alleviate them through policy, legal reforms, and welfare programs.

Through her legal internships, volunteering experience, and leadership roles, she has lead literacy programs, legal aid camps and conducted research that addressed the question of social injustice. Her personal and professional trajectory has constantly pushed her toward choosing work opportunities that promote inclusivity, diversity and the securitization of vulnerable groups. In line with this, her work at SCoA aims to highlight the ‘Barriers to accessing justice for CALD communities, especially new arrivals’ and draw up plausible recommendations to assist in the successful settlement process.

Her recent participation as a youth representative at the United Nations International Conference on Migration Youth Forum held in Marrakech has solidified her aspirations to build on this work and pursue a career in human rights.