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Madhusmita Miri

Madhusmita holds a PhD and MPhil in International Relations. Her research and analysis covers foreign policy, nuclear politics, geopolitics, geo-strategy, security and strategy. Her area of interests includes: Eurasia, West Asia and South Asia. She had previously completed her tertiary education both in Political Science and International Relations.

Madhusmita had recently moved to Australia with her Husband as a Permanent Resident and her passion for learning and gaining extensive knowledge had led her to join Master of Public Policy in University of Sydney, Australia.

Madhusmita also has a wide multicultural exposure as she had travelled to 19 different countries and had lived in India and Kuwait before moving to Australia. She can speak English, Assamese, Hindi, Bengali and has an intermediary understanding of Russian language. She had previously worked with various NGO’s in India in capacity building programs at the local and grassroots level and had volunteered for the education of the children and youth.

As fairly new to Canberra, Madhusmita loves to visit different tourist attractions in Canberra and loves to read fiction novels.