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Internship Expression of Interest

An intern at SCOA will be asked to focus on an area of research and policy development that contributes to the knowledge and understanding of the settlement sector, has the potential to influence policy decision making concerning settlement, and/or highlights issues of importance to our members. Topics are many and varied and each intern will settle their final topic of choice in consultation with SCOA.

The purpose of this short Expression of Interest form is to help SCOA consider suitable interns from an increasingly competitive selection of applicants. Only interns who submit this expression of interest will be considered, unless they form part of a formal internship relationship between SCOA and a University.

If you wish to discuss your Expression of Interest and your chosen area of exploration prior to submission, we would be very happy to hear from you. Please contact SCOA at

Internship Expression of Interest

Intern candidates are requested to complete this form.
  • Drop files here or
    Accepted file types: doc, pdf.
  • (Precise start/finish dates will be negotiated directly with successful applicants)
    (Please note, we are flexible regarding specific days or any necessary leave during the program)
  • Include information both on how you hope to benefit from your placement with SCOA and what you can offer SCOA
  • The purpose of this proposal is to nominate a specific area of research and to demonstrate your ability to engage with that topic. You are not expected to have conducted significant prior research (though it will help to have done some preparatory reading) and the proposal will by no means be binding. Successful intern/s will work with SCoA to refine their topic and identify opportunities for research. Proposals should: a) identify the topic of choice; b) explain the purpose of the research (what you hope to achieve); c) identify potential sources of information/research methods; d) outline how you see the topic meeting the goal, vision, and values of SCoA.
    Drop files here or
    Accepted file types: doc, pdf.