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Possible areas of exploration

An intern at SCOA will be asked to focus on an area of research and policy development that contributes to the knowledge and understanding of the settlement sector, has the potential to influence policy decision making concerning settlement, and/or highlights issues of importance to our members.

Topics are many and varied and each intern will settle their final topic of choice in consultation with SCOA. Potential areas for exploration could include:

  • The impact of each migrant’s characteristics and experiences on their settlement outcomes
  • Innovative settlement practices in the areas of education, employment engagement and social inclusion
  • Migrant health initiatives and barriers
  • The benefits of immigration for Australia
  • Transport as a crucial element of a migrant’s settlement
  • Issues experience by migrants in securing adequate housing
  • Barriers to justice for CALD communities, especially new arrivals
  • Methods for improving civic engagement among migrants and refugees
  • The success factors for regional settlement of migrants and refugees
  • Family support in a migrant context
  • Specific issues affecting classes of migrant (refugees, youth, women, etc)

For further information

To discuss your potential internship, or any other queries you may have, contact our national office on 02 6282 8515 or email our CEO, Nick Tebbey, on