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MYAN National Conference: young people in a multicultural world

23-Nov-2017 - Registrations now open for MYAN National Conference - Young people in a multicultural world: Rethinking a new policy and practice agenda The 2..

SCOA Domestic Violence Discussion Paper

This discussion paper identifies key areas that need to be addressed to improve responses to domesti..

What are the benefits of being a member of SCOA? 

SCOA offers a strong voice for settlement service providers across Australia, lobbying government to influence settlement policy.  

Being a SCOA member provides you with the opportunity to:
•    Inform the development of SCOA’s policies and positions;
•    Receive updates on policy, events, issues and other things of interest;
•    Participate in SCOA’s teleconferences, webinars and meetings on policy, service and research issues;
•    Provide input into a SCOA’s reports and submissions; and
•    Make contributions to our regular e-newsletter highlighting the work of settlement providers across Australia.

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