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MYAN National Conference: young people in a multicultural world

23-Nov-2017 - Registrations now open for MYAN National Conference - Young people in a multicultural world: Rethinking a new policy and practice agenda The 2..

FECCA Conference 2017

08-Oct-2017 - Federation of Ethnic Communities’ Councils of Australia’s bi-annual conference Celebrate. Reflect. Advance: Challenges and Possibiliti..

Settlement Services International Cultural Shift: From Settlement to Belonging

10-Aug-2017 - How do we support families to get a good start in a new country? What does it take to create optimal settlement conditions and opportunities for f..

How do Australia’s settlement services compare with the rest of the world? 

Australia is one of the 28 countries in the world that offer resettlement programmes and consistently appears among the top three resettlement countries in the world.

States like Australia that offer settlement services to assist with resettlement provide legal and physical protection, including access to civil, political, economic, social and cultural rights to refugees and migrants that are similar to these services provided to their citizens.

Settlement services provided by Australia are world class and include a range of support programs and services that very few other countries provide. Whilst there is always room for improvement, Australians can be proud of the support we provide to help assist newly arrived people from refugee and migrant backgrounds to settle in Australia.

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